Auditions for the Foothills Youth Community Orchestra


Since our mission is to provide performance opportunities for youth, our audition process is about proper placement of young musicians who wish to obtain a spot in the orchestra. As long as the student has a genuine interest in performing and follows the Performance Group Student Agreement, we'll work with them to get them into the orchestra. Private music instruction is a requirement so students can advance out of beginner levels as soon as possible. 

As this youth orchestra is brand new, building up its ranks will be the focus in 2018. Smaller performing groups will naturally be possible from orchestra participants, so audition schedules will be made available as new performing groups develop. For now, only the Youth Orchestra has an audition schedule.

Auditions will take place between August 27th and September 7th 2018. Exact dates and location TBD.

Beginner students may participate in ensembles to prepare for the orchestra (no formal audition required), once their skills are up to performing the chosen piece(s). Thee is no guarantee that beginner groups will have concerts, but there will be recitals and other performance opportunities. 

Students who wish to be in the Intermediate/Advanced Orchestra should work on this set of skills