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Cutting Music Programs vs. Getting into College

Most parents want their kids to have the best chance of succeeding in life. While there are many benefits to the study of music, there is an aspect of studying music early that directly relates to getting accepted into college. In an age where music programs are being cut from the public school curriculum, and the cost of further education mounts higher yearly, we hope to arm parents with knowledge that will help them not only get their children accepted into college, but succeed in getting through college and in life. 

Recently I met an expert who has helped student after student get into college, and I asked him to write an article on the advantages of a music education in terms of getting accepted into college. I hope you find his insight helpful! Without further introduction, here is Daniel Mehrabian of EduProsUSA: 

Daniel Mehrabian, College Admissions ExpertFor two decades I have had the privilege of guiding students in being accepted into the some of the highest-ranking universities in the world, including universities in the USA, China, Korea and Europe. Some of my US students have been accepted to Cal Tech, Stanford, Ivy League universities and the UC system.

In addition to success in academically rigorous classes and high standardized test scores, there’s another area which the universities are looking for when they evaluate suitable candidates, and that is what they have done outside of their school curriculum – their extracurricular accomplishments. In a recent discussion I had with admissions reps from Yale, Harvard and Princeton university It was once again stressed that they are looking for students who are accomplished in areas more than their grades and test scores. 

One extracurricular area that is highly prized by elite universities is music. Students who have been playing music since elementary school up to when they apply for college have a tendency not only to perform better than their peers academically but also are more prized by the colleges since they have taken their time to pursue and develop a life-long talent.

What are some of the advantages of developing your musical intelligence? Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that high school band students have higher achievement scores in English, math, and biology than students who are not in band classes. Scholars from the University of Kansas, evaluating the Music Makes Us program in Nashville, found graduation rates 20 percent higher for students with at least one year of music, and 30 percent higher for those with more than one year of music.  In addition, a longitudinal study from the University of Maryland found that for each additional year of arts education, students were 20 percent less likely to be suspended from school. Finally, A study by neuroscientists at the University of Toronto found that students who received “early extensive and continued music education showed greater fluency and competence in learning a second language when compared to non-music students.

As you can clearly see, the student’s who develop their musical intelligence early are correlated to better performance as they go through primary and secondary school which then translate into more successful matriculation rates into the more selective universities in the country. I have also found students with musical or art skills to be more confident overall in school than students who have not picked up and developed in the performing or visual arts.

About Daniel

Daniel is the founder of EduprosUSA, a Glendale based college consulting company that assists families and students to achieve their educational potential. The philosophy at EduprosUSA is that college admission starts early. As an educational mentor, EduprosUSA will give your family the support and information needed to reach your goals. Please learn more about EduprosUSA by visiting our website at www.eduprosusa.com. Also, like our Facebook page to get updates https://www.facebook.com/eduprosusa/ 

Daniel will be our guest speaker at the next Fun Music School Open House & Potluck, which will take place on August 24th from 6pm to 8pm. Come have some fun, food, listen to students and teachers perform and meet Daniel in person! No RSVP required. 

Trevor Eisenman
Managing Director

Fun at the July Potluck (with Photos and Video!)

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 by Trevor Eisenman | Performances

Learning to play music is it's own reward; performing music for a crowd is a reward AND a thrill! Performing in public is important as it build perseverance, competence, encourages practicing more and a discipline that the show must go on - all of them important life skills. And performing can be lots of fun, too! 

With that in mind, increasing performance opportunities is of foremost importance at Fun Music School. In addition to 4 "official" recitals, we've started hosting open houses for students (and teachers!) inspired to share their gift with family, friends and neighbors. Casual fun in a casual setting! 

Sheila and Eric Zimmermann performed "A Million Dreams" from The Greatest Showman movie, and Ella W. had a special flute duet surprise for her dad, who didn't know she'd picked up flute recently, in addition to piano! In addition to being one of our most popular teachers, Sheila and her husband Eric have a wedding and event music company in Altadena, with a history of superb event/music services. 

Joshua Tate performed on piano and guitar, treating us to his unique (and amazing) covers of Coldplay, Adele and his original compositions. 

Special Guest Speaker

I'm all about added value! Life has a way of connecting the right people together, and I was excited to invite Amy Harms from the Chesterton School of Liberal Arts in Pasadena to come give us a brief introduction about this new school. America wouldn't be America without options, and considering how government school funding can skew the public school system's emphasis (and not onto the right areas), Chesterton brings a breath of fresh air to the educational community. Imagine a dedicated group of parents who step up to create the modern educational platform of their dreams, and you have the essence of Chesterton.  Parents were excited about what they heard, so don't miss them at the next potluck in August! 

NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT: Fun Music School is the official music instruction service for Chesterton! We'll be starting music classes for them in the 2nd Semester (January 2019) as well as providing individual instruction, band, orchestra, etc. to collaborate bringing music back to a standard elementary and high school education. 

The next Open House & Potluck Performance will be at the end of August, on Friday the 24th, from 6-8pm. Existing students can register (if they want) on the school's online calendar. No RSVP needed, but please bring your favorite drink, snack, side dish or entree to share! 

Join us at the next potluck! 

Wishing you joy in music always, 

Trevor Eisenman
Managing Director

Potluck Still Photos

Flyer for July Potluck

Monday, July 23, 2018 by Trevor Eisenman | Performances

Featuring new Piano teacher Yumi Gardner and the vocal pyrotechnics of Joshua Tate (AKA Gericho)! Come join us for a great time, meet some of our teachers and enjoy the food and music. 

Piano Lessons near Los Angeles

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