Join the Foothills Youth Community Orchestra!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 by Trevor Eisenman | Orchestra & Ensembles

In the interest of creating exciting performance opportunities for our local young musicians, Fun Music is establishing the Foothills Youth Community Orchestra! This performance group is open to all local youth, not just Fun Music Students. Being part of group performances was a highlight of my childhood, and I'm excited to spearhead the formation of the orchestra for the Fall Semester. Students will also have opportunities to perform in smaller ensembles, such as string trios, quartets, jazz/rock bands, etc.

Participating in a youth orchestra and/or ensembles develops advanced music skills, fosters teamwork, instills discipline and a number of other admirable qualities: increased poise, confidence and a felling of self-accomplishment, for example. And then there is the thrill of live performances! 

Advanced musical skill and performance experience can also add a competitive edge when applying for colleges, and not just for music majors. Compared side by side, the math or science major with no other skills or interests, could be considered less qualified than the math or science major who also has demonstrated important social and creative skills through a music program, such as a youth orchestra. Many top colleges such as Yale or Princeton have an interest in adding students who might participate in their performance groups. 

For more information on auditions and the registration process, visit the new Orchestra page on our website. If you know another family that might be interested, please let them know about this opportunity right away. The faster we register students, the more momentum we will create for a successful orchestra. 

We'll be working on a Sponsorship program too, to help young musicians access the program. If you or your business would like to participate in "adopting" a student or contributing in some way, please contact the school. A formal Sponsorship program is being developed meanwhile. 

Trevor Eisenman
Managing Director 



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