Private Lesson Requirements for Orchestra 

& Ensemble Students

Why are Private Lessons required to participate in the Youth Orchestra?

An exceptional orchestra is also an exceptional expression of discipline, teamwork, leadership and a striving towards self-improvement - not just in music but in all aspects of life. These are all skills youth learn as they go through life (hopefully). 

Participation in music groups can help foster and blossom these skills to professional levels. Skills that might get these orchestra youth into their college of choice or even beat out the competition for a professional orchestra seat. Students simply seeking a good job will also have a better chance - confidence, poise and a sense of accomplishment speak louder than words in a job interview. 

And then there is the practical reason to have private lessons, in addition to orchestra practice. The Conductor's goal is the entire group playing the chosen piece together. Students who only get their music instruction at orchestra practice will force other students to wait (how many young students do you know that have extended amounts of patience?) while the Conductor gives a "private" music lesson. 

Therefore, orchestra students are required to participate in weekly music instruction by an advanced-level teacher, as well as participate in weekly group rehearsals:

  • 30 minutes per lesson, once a week is the minimum lesson time for intermediate & advanced students
  • Young beginner students should have weekly lessons, but may start with 15-20 minutes and build up to 30 minutes as their skills and attention span (or enthusiasm) increases. 
  • Public School music instruction is acceptable, as long as the teacher is qualified to instruct in the chosen instrument. Intermediate and advanced students should have an advanced instructor. 
  • Sponsorships will be made available as donations or procured. To request a sponsorship, submit a request HERE (not yet available).    
    • Sponsored students/families will need to furnish their most recent tax returns to verify eligibility. 
  • If you have already registered online for orchestra or an ensemble, and would like to get a free introductory lesson with a Fun Music School instructor, simply send an email to the Enrollment Director