Rock & Jazz Bands

Playing in a band provides many benefits for youth. Folded into the fun musical experience are life-improving gems such as the following:

  • Teamwork skills
  • Working in harmony (literally and figuratively) with others toward a common goal
  • Goal setting and attainment
  • Confidence through Developed Competence
  • Discipline through practice towards consistent results
  • Public Speaking/Performing experience
  • Greater chance of getting into colleges (the longer the musical experience and the level of musical skill are considered by many colleges, especially for non-music majors.
  • Side-gig when they are older! :) No more allowance, they can be self sufficient! 

The Fun Music School Bands are organized by instrument and skill level. A minimum of 3 students are needed to form either band, so be sure to refer your friends to try out. Band participants do not need to be Fun Music School students, but will be required to take private 1-1 instruction weekly (from any qualified teacher). The weekly rehearsals with the Band Director are for the members to learn to play together, not to learn HOW to play the instrument. 


For the Rock Band we are looking for students interested in, or who already play, guitar, bass, drums as well as vocals. For the Jazz Band, the same but also including keyboards. 


Band tuition is $100 per month for the first child and $85 per month for additional children from the same family. There is a registration fee of $50 per semester to help cover wear and tear of the extra equipment required for band practice. 


In order to pair students of similar skill together, we will conduct try-outs. Tryouts will take place based on the Band Director's availability and the student/parent's schedule availability, or at specified try-out times (to be announced). Never played an instrument or in a band before? Start taking lessons 1-1 with a qualified teacher! You might qualify to play in a band sooner than you think. 

Band Sign-Up Form

To participate in either the Rock Band or the Jazz Band, submit the form below. We'll contact you shortly after to arrange for a try-out session.