Fun Music School hires teachers on a contract basis only. Lesson fees paid to professional teachers start at $25 per hour. Teachers that complete our Teacher Certification Process and get through a 6 month probationary period with good results can earn up to $45 per hour. In-home lessons earn an additional $20 per month/per family travel fee that goes entirely to the teacher to cover expenses.

Fun Music School takes care of marketing, scheduling, billing and provides a studio location as part of the teacher/school relationship. Teachers may have their own private students when not teaching for us, and your private students are allowed to participate in our quarterly recitals. This allows teachers to focus on teaching instead of administrative tasks. 

We seek teachers who are passionate about teaching music and who truly enjoy passing on a valuable skill in a fun, engaging way. Our overriding goal is to establish music as a life-long companion for each student. 

While we strive to secure as many students as you can handle, and work to schedule them efficiently as possible, there are no guarantees that you will be assigned students immediately. We also work to be flexible for parents in terms of scheduling and making up missed lessons. A minimum of 2 years of availability with a minimum of schedule disruption is expected. I.e., if you plan to be on tour, take extended trips out of town or have a random availability due to another job, teaching for us would be difficult. 

If you are unable to teach weekly over a 2 year period, we may have a group teaching format that would work for a shorter period of time. 2-8 week group classes would be acceptable, especially over the summer. Let us know in the comments below what kind of group lessons you can teach. 

Have a resume or other information you'd like to send us? Forward it to makemusic @ funmusic4u.com.


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