Student and Parent Resource Page

Starting off a musical education can be a daunting task. From time to time we will add resources to this page for parents to rent instruments, find music books recommended by teachers and other tools to help students further their musical abilities. Have one to recommend? Email us at makemusic@funmusic4u.com and let us know. 


Studying music alone is necessary when practicing, but not as fun as playing music with other musicians. Since playing with other musicians isn't always possible, and might be overwhelming for a new student, there is a way to "play" with other musicians using JamTracks. 

JamTracks by JamKazam provides a multi-track professional recording with fully isolated tracks for each part of the music. This new kind of "backing track" allows you to mute just one instrument or voice, and the student or performer can play that part instead, and "with" the other parts. The free JamKazam app and internet service have many additional features to help boost creativity and give your child the freedom to learn, practice, record and play with other musicians. They can even use the app to play live with other musicians (or their teacher) when they are ready. JamTracks has thousands of songs available. 

To find out more and download a free sample track, visit this link: JamTracks by JamKazam