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Student Reviews & Testimonials

"Sheila  is so wonderful. Samantha has taken to the piano because of her. She  comes home and actually wants to practice without being told. Sheila has  a wonderful way with kids."

Suzan T. - La Crescenta, CA

"Stephen is an excellent music teacher. He combines just the right  amount of enthusiasm with gentle guidance when correcting our childrens'  playing. He brings with him an advanced knowledge and skill in playing  music. We feel lucky to have him as a clarinet instructor for our boys."

Jim V. Glendale

 “Yes, Amanda is absolutely gifted musically. She quickly builds a great working relationship with her students. She has done wonders with our daughter. She teaches children with such a lovely style. The kids love her.”               

Gloria M, Yorba Linda

 “When I first met Amanda A. I knew instantly that she was the perfect teacher for me. She is very professional yet personable. She offered a great amount of technical knowledge on the mechanics of voice yet she had the most amazing ability to express things in a way that was creative and fluid. Seeing Amanda every week has really helped me feel more confident in my ability to, not only sing, but to vocally express myself in a deeper more grounded way. Thank you Amanda!”  

Koko L, Corona

 “Amanda is an excellent vocal instructor/coach. She has helped me tremendously with my vocal technique, breathing and confidence as a lead singer in my tribute band. In the tribute world sounding as good or better than the recording is expected. Amanda has done a fine job helping me achieve that goal. I highly recommend her as an instructor at any level."              

Jeff J, Anaheim Hills 

“Nico  has been our son's piano teacher for almost two years now. She has  turned our son from a five-year-old who had never touched a piano to a  seven-year-old who is able to perform piano solos in many talent shows.  Her knowledge of teaching and patience with kids have made all the  difference. Her way of teaching has kept our son's interest in music and  made him a better all-around person. We are so glad that she has been  our son's piano teacher for the last two years. Highly recommended for  all parents who care about their children's musical education."

Jing and Daniel, Burbank

“My  experience with Ms. Nico has been, so far, very fun. The way she  teaches me is so out-of-the-ordinary. Like, you'd think that a teacher,  especially for piano or any instrument, would be strict and say things  like, "This is the song you are going to play," end of story, but with  Ms. Nico she gives you what you need to know and what you need to learn,  and she also lets you have your own choice in music. I would play,  like, famous songs, and songs that we both came up with and love in the  concerts/recitals. 

"She  knows that I love to perform so she is always encouraging me to do the  recitals and suggesting ones to do, and during the shows we always have  something special and somewhat of a theme to my performances, such as  singing, or costumes, things like that. 

"Another  thing that makes me love how she teaches are the games or contests if  you will. It encourages me to try to win and it actually helps me  improve; like, one recent game we had was who had the longest practice  time over the summer. That made me extend my practice times, and I  actually won, which was very exciting! And the prizes are out of this  world. Not only are the prizes amazing, but usually they incorporate the  personality of the student.

"Ms.  Nico gets to know the student while she teaches so she knows how to  teach them in a more accurate way. And that also affects the choice of  songs, and the one she suggests.

She  is also one of the people helping me to fulfill my dream of going to  Juilliard. She is giving me all the tools to succeed. Ms. Nico is an  amazing teacher and I couldn't find anyone better."

Monique, age 15, Burbank

"My  daughter Madison has been taking piano lessons with Nico now for just  about two years. Madison loves to play the piano and enjoys receiving  lessons from Nico. She has a very good way with my daughter and with  other children. She showed a lot of patience and guidance to Madison as a  beginner and now, as a somewhat veteran student, is able to encourage  and uplift Madison to play better and with confidence. Nico also makes  lessons fun and interesting for her by incorporating different styles of  music, by asking for her input and by making it available. Nico also  provides different rewards for good play and evidence of good practice,  which Madison loves! We love Nico!"

Helen, La Crescenta

"Nico has been my piano teacher for 4 years, and I am only 8! She is a great teacher, she makes jokes and is super  funny, but when it comes to music she is serious. She lets you do all  kinds of music; you usually get 5/6 songs to practice. You don't just do  1 or 2 songs that you have to practice and memorize. Nico is the best  piano teacher you could ever have!"

Eva, age 9, South Pasadena

"I courageously went back to playing the piano after thirty long years. This miracle could not have happened but for Nico's immense patience and encouragement. I greatly appreciate her continued support."

Sunita, La Crescenta