Music Lessons, Failure and Opportunity

Did you know that a majority of students who enroll in music lessons eventually drop music altogether? Many parents who enroll their children today were one of those students. However, a parental background of musical regret hasn't turned the tide of failure. It's very likely your child will enroll today, and drop out tomorrow.  

What if the reason students drop out of music is the same reason they fail at their job, their relationships - in short, all those important "things" in life that they are supposed to keep around for a long time (like a spouse or a career)? It's a puzzle all right, and one most parents, teachers and students simply aren't equipped to figure out on their own. Because their parents didn't possess the missing puzzle piece either! 

What if...the missing puzzle piece was found?

I'm here to tell you there IS a way to resolve this puzzle. I'm not claiming to be the expert on this topic, but I do know someone who is - and he has the results to prove it! Neil Moore, Founder of the Simply Music piano method. Neil's breakthrough in helping students of all ages create and maintain a life-long relationship with music is legendary. But why explain it? I offer his video explanation and a free e-book to explain it in detail. 

View the video below, and fill out the form (underneath the video) to access the free e-book, Music and The Art of Long-Term Relationships. The role of the teacher as well as the role of the parents is crucial in solving the reason kids quit on music. So if learning music and sticking with it for a lifetime (of fun or professional pursuits), at least watch the video! You won't regret it. 


Fill out the form above and you'll get a downloadable copy of Neil Moore's free eBook, Music and The Art of Long-Term Relationships. It's a short read, but it's able to really lay out everything you need to know to help your child(ren) establish a sucessful long-term relationship with music - or anything else for that matter!