Vocal Power Workshop with Rhonda LaRoy

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 by Trevor Eisenman | Voice

Voice Power Vocal Workshop

Rhonda LaRoy treated us with her vocal power at the Award Recital, and now she's offering her very special 2 day workshop on how to access your vocal power for singing and public speaking. 

A singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, and producer, Rhonda started performing at the age of five, singing a cappella to an audience of 500 and a standing ovation. She has continued to perform, in Europe and the United States, amazing audiences with her vocal pyrotechnics. In Germany, she was offered her first major deal with Metronome Records, releasing the CD maxi-single, “Sunday Morning”.  German radio announcers and newspapers said, “Sunday Morning,' by LaRoy, is a smash hit.”  It sold out every week it was in the stores.

Rhonda has taught thousands of people the proper techniques of how to breathe and access your true power. The training is perfect for anyone who wishes to sing, wants to improve their vocal power or anyone involved in public speaking.

In order to schedule the class, the first step is to find out who's interested in this 2-day workshop. We would like to have the class during June 2018, so don't wait to let us know of your interest. Email funmusic4U@gmail.com today and save your spot!